1.5.1 13-Mar-2014

Small Useful Java Components

JCabi is a collection of small and useful Java components, which are not big enough to make their own projects. The project is maintained by Yegor Bugayenko in Github (you’re welcome to fork it and submit your pull requests). Full list of components in alphabetic order:

jcabi-aether — wrapper of Sonatype Aether.

jcabi-aspects — useful AOP aspects, incl. JSR-303.

jcabi-beanstalk-maven-plugin — AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment.

jcabi-dynamo — Amazon DynamoDB Object Layer.

jcabi-dynamodb-maven-plugin — DynamoDB Maven testing plugin.

jcabi-http — Fluent and Immutable HTTP Client.

jcabi-github — Object-Oriented Github API.

jcabi-heroku-maven-plugin — Heroku deployment.

jcabi-ssl-maven-plugin — SSL keystore generator Maven reactor.

jcabi-jdbc — fluent wrapper of JDBC.

jcabi-log — wrapper of SLF4J logging facility.

jcabi-manifests — utility class reading META-INF/MANIFEST.MF files.

jcabi-maven-plugin — supplementary Maven plugin.

jcabi-s3 — Object Layer on top of AWS S3 SDK.

jcabi-maven-skin — Maven Skin, used in this website and many others.

jcabi-maven-slf4j — Maven Log binding for SLF4J.

jcabi-mysql-maven-plugin — Maven Plugin for MySQL Integration Testing.

jcabi-simpledb — Object Layer on top of AWS SimpleDB.

jcabi-urn — Java implementation of Uniform Resource Name (URN).

jcabi-velocity — simple wrapper of Apache Velocity.

jcabi-xml — XML Parsing and Printing made easy.

Besides that, com.jcabi:parent is a very useful generic parent Maven pom.xml.

YourKit is kindly supporting us with its full-featured Java Profiler. We highly recommend to use it for profiling of your Java apps.

Also, there are a few projects in incubator now:

xembly — Imperative Assembly-like XML modification language and library.

phandom — Java DOM manipulations powered by PhantomJS.

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